June 29, 2019 by vnsdaithpiercing
Kayleigh Jade  recommends Daith Piercing For Migraine.

June 27 at 6:46 PM

So having suffered with migraines over 8 years and thousands of different pills and potions with all sorts of side effects I decided enough was enough! I knew about the daith piercing a year or so ago and just didn’t believe something so straight forward would help! It was only when I spoke to a work colleague who had it done (with Tracy) about her experience 2 months back that made me book the appointment! I think for what it’s worth £150 (unless you get a boujee piercing li

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VNS Daith Piercing is a collaboration of the UK’s leading experts, medics and specialists in the effects of Vagus Nerve Stimulation using daith piercing as the stimulus.

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