June 29, 2019 by vnsdaithpiercing
Claire N Carl Constable  recommends Daith Piercing For Migraine.

March 29 · 

I’ve had my double daith piercings done for around 6 weeks now. In a nutshell I wish I had done this years ago! The piercings I felt were my last option, for migraine relief & I’m more than satisfied.

After having them done, the relief was instant! Shoulder, neck & headache I went in with ‘magically’ gone!

Richard & Tracy have truly changed my life! Thank you so much!

From originally getting 4 migraines a week plus cluster headaches everyday on wake up and nausea, nerve tremors, sickness & visual disturbances, I only now get a slight headache if I’m over tired or over hungry, but they casually go without pain relief.

Those times I would ‘naturally’ get a migraine due to my menstrual cycle, are now managed with 1 ibuprofen or a paracetamol , if needed: with this they go rather than no pain relief working at all (rather than 2 paracetamols, 2 ibuprofens & my sumatriptan 100mg).

EVERYTHING apart from food was a trigger, now I can finally live my life & not think about migraines.

Thank you both from the bottom of my heart .

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