June 29, 2019 by vnsdaithpiercing
Melanie McVey  recommends Daith Piercing For Migraine.

May 29 at 9:14 AM · 

immediately after the piercing I felt my left side of.head pain clear and my face/eyes felt totally.relaxed and smooth with my right side a more scrunched up feeling in comparison now. I felt a big emotional release which did surprise me but I felt brilliant and more clear headed than I’ve felt for a long time. I’ve recently had a migraine but the intensity wasn’t as painful ( and it was right side dominant so I’m.hoping the right piercing might help this more too). I’ve had none of the usual foggy banded headaches or daily headaches that I would normally have had over the last couple.of.weeks. The clinic and Tracy were very professional, clean, the piercing quick and hardly painful and an implant grade titanium jewellery fitted as standard. I’m loving the effect so far, wish I had taken the plunge sooner.

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