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Good service and aftercare of our patients means everything to us.

A gallery of the work from VNS Daith Piercing.

All images are fresh and unedited.

VNS Daith piercing is transforming the lives of many people who’s lives have been blighted for many years with the symptoms of migraine, depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, swallowing disorders and many other horrid conditions. Here is a selection of some of the ears that we have stimulated. Check out our jewellery gallery for an ever changing and growing selection of the jewellery that we offer at the consultation. Whether you want discreet or bling there is something for everyone. Upgrade prices start at £20.

VNS Daith Piercing is a collaboration of the UK’s leading experts, medics and specialists in the effects of Vagus Nerve Stimulation using daith piercing as the stimulus.


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