VNS Daith Piercing – Not Just For Migraine

Daith Piercing Specialists

VNS Daith Piercing is one of the UK’s leading specialists in therapeutic Vagus Nerve Stimulation using daith piercing. Having worked alongside and provided VNS Daith services to doctors at a leading London migraine clinic on clinical studies of VNS Daith Piercing.

Modern techniques and the best tools

VNS Daith Piercing use the latest technology to determine the optimum location in each individual for this type of piercing. Thus ensuring maximum chance of successfully stimulating the Vagus Nerve.

VNS Daith Piercing – Not Just For Migraine

Our director, Tracy Perkins, has written a book about how VNS Daith Piercing can help with a migraines and a multitude of other issues.   It covers the How, Why and Where you can benefit from the rapidly expanding frontiers of Vagus Nerve Stimulation.  A useful read to understand more about Vagus Nerve Stimulation and the benefits it provides.   This is now available to buy direct from Amazon at this link.

VNS Daith Piercing

VNS Daith Piercing; A method of Vagus Nerve Stimulation using precision Daith piercing techniques to alleviate the symptoms of migraine, headache, anxiety, depression and many other conditions.

Who we are

VNS Daith Piercing are specialists in Vagus Nerve Stimulation and specialist piercers, focusing on the daith as the activation point for the healing stimulus. Over the last five years we have conducted the largest clinical study ever undertaken in this new treatment.

How it works

Using the very latest technology, all our approved practitioners will be using specialist tools and equipment to locate the optimum point for the VNS Daith Piercing.

Book a VNS Daith Piercing

Book an appointment for your VNS Daith Piercing at any one of five clinics in the UK offering this  unique treatment.

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Manchester Clinic

VNS Daith piercing can be found inside the Manchester Acupuncture and Holistic Clinic on Sundays and Mondays. The clinic also offers a wide range of other therapies and treatments.

Harley Street Clinic

VNS Daith Piercing can be found at 22 Harley Street in the centre of London’s top medical district on two or three full days every month. Call 07979545640 for dates and times.

Notting Hill Clinic

Based inside St Charles Hospital, the Notting Hill Therapy Clinic is a hidden gem for alternative treatments. We are lucky to be able to work from this lovely space most weekdays and occasional weekends.

Taunton Clinic

VNS Daith Piercing now work from this clinic on  the first Saturday and Sunday of every month. Fitting in nicely with many other treatments offered, this clinic is always busy. You will need to book early.


Called the wanderer, the vagus nerve is number ten out of our twelve cranial nerves, and is also the longest. Attaching at the bottom of the brainstem, the many branches of the vagus nerve travel throughout our body to connect and deliver information to every organ. Using the auricular branch of this busy nerve as the point of stimulation, we are able to deliver a therapeutic treatment with the choice from an extensive range of beautiful daith jewellery.

Vagus Nerve Stimulation has ben used for many years as a treatment in the management of epilepsy by way of an implant. In more recent times other methods have been brought to the table and more conditions have been treated.

Typically, daith piercing for migraine for many has been a last resort lucky dip cosmetic daith piercing in a tattoo or piercing salon. With the knowledge gained from research undertaken alongside doctors at a leading London migraine clinic, VNS Daith Piercing are proud to deliver an alternative, however, scientifically robust therapy, which is statically proven successful, to a clinical environment.

VNS Practitioner and Training Provider

Tracy Perkins

Having been in the piercing industry for over 20 years, she has, during this time, been at the forefront of educating piercers, designing new specialist tools for piercing and managing a dedicated piercing training centre in Manchester. She is now working full time on VNS Daith Piercing in five clinics including the only medical clinic in the UK to offer it as a treatment for migraine. Tracy is currently developing the training programme for VNS Daith and expanding the clinic network to make VNS Daith piercing available in more Uk cities.


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    It’s always the word of mouth that’s the best advice. Here are some of ours…

    October 30, 2018
    I have been suffering with migraines for more than 2 years and in the last year between 5-8 migraine attacks a month.

    Emotionally drained I researched and this “treatment” came up. At that point I was happy to try anything to stop the pain.
    It was lovely meeting Tracy and Richard.
    They were were kind explaining the treatment and its benefit and also advising me to see an osteopath too.
    Tracy pierced my daith and so far I can say it is healing very well.
    It has been only a month since my daith got pierced and I have experienced only 2 migraines. I am aware of what triggered them.
    I would highly recommend having a daith by Tracy. It also looks really cool and pretty!


    May 29

    immediately after the piercing I felt my left side of head pain clear and my face/eyes felt totally.relaxed and smooth with my right side a more scrunched up feeling in comparison now. I felt a big emotional release which did surprise me but I felt brilliant and more clear headed than I’ve felt for a long time. I’ve recently had a migraine but the intensity wasn’t as painful ( and it was right side dominant so I’m.hoping the right piercing might help this more too). I’ve had none of the usual foggy banded headaches or daily headaches that I would normally have had over the last couple.of.weeks. The clinic and Tracy were very professional, clean, the piercing quick and hardly painful and an implant grade titanium jewellery fitted as standard. I’m loving the effect so far, wish I had taken the plunge sooner.

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    Why our testimonials are so important.

    For us, testimonials and recommendations are what makes a business successful. We strive to give the very best customer satisfaction possible. We would love to hear your feedback on our service.

    VNS Daith Piercing is a collaboration of the UK’s leading experts, medics and specialists in the effects of Vagus Nerve Stimulation using daith piercing as the stimulus.


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