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For the relief of symptoms of epilepsy, migraine, cluster headache, depression, anxiety, IBS, PTSD, tinnitus, fibromyalgia with many more conditions benefiting from the healing power of the Vagus nerve.

Combining the skills and therapies of each practitioner with VNS Daith, we offer a unique and tailored approach to wellness.

Therapeutic Daith Piercing

There has recently been prolific news coverage on the subject of therapeutic daith piercing. Daith piercings are reported successful in many people in the relief and radical reduction of migraines. Although stumbled upon accidentally by modern aesthetic piercing practices, it has been discovered to have at least one beneficial medical effect as well as reported other benefits. For most, there is, it seems, an obvious association with acupuncture, but all the latest evidence currently points towards the stimulation of the vagus nerve as being the reason for the health improvements that are reported.

Vagus nerve stimulation is used for the relief of symptoms of epilepsy, migraine, cluster headache, depression, anxiety, IBS, PTSD, tinnitus, fibromyalgia with many more conditions being researched as the power of its effects are emerging. In traditional medicine, vagus nerve stimulation is delivered with electrical impulse devices either by implant (classed as invasive), hand held gadgets for the neck or ear plugs (classed as non invasive).

Daith piercing is the latest and innovative way of stimulating the vagus nerve.

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About Vagus Nerve Stimulation

Called the wanderer, the vagus nerve is number ten out of our twelve cranial nerves, and is also the longest.

Attaching at the bottom of the brainstem, the many branches of the vagus nerve travel throughout our body to connect and deliver information to every organ. Using the auricular branch of this busy nerve as the point of stimulation, we are able to deliver a therapeutic treatment with the choice from an extensive range of beautiful daith jewellery.

Vagus Nerve Stimulation has been used for many years as a treatment in the management of epilepsy, by way of an implant. In more recent times other methods have been brought to the table and more conditions have been treated.

Typically, daith piercing for migraine, for many has been a last resort lucky dip cosmetic with daith piercing in a tattoo or piercing salon.

With the knowledge gained from research undertaken alongside doctors at a leading London migraine clinic, VNS Daith are proud to deliver an alternative, however, scientifically robust therapy, which is statistically proven successful in a clinical environment.

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VNS Daith Piercing

VNS Daith Piercing; A method of Vagus Nerve Stimulation using precision Daith piercing techniques to alleviate the symptoms of migraine, headache, anxiety, depression and many other conditions.

Who we are

VNS Daith Piercing are specialists in Vagus Nerve Stimulation and specialist piercers, focusing on the daith as the activation point for the healing stimulus. Over the last five years we have conducted the largest clinical study ever undertaken in this new treatment.

How it works

Using the very latest technology, all our approved practitioners will be using specialist tools and equipment to locate the optimum point for the VNS Daith Piercing.

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